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Troubleshooting LIVE Streams & VOD

We sincerely apologize for frustration, we know streaming issues can be super annoying. Using the F.A.Q section below, we’ll do our best to try and help you address the most common issues that we are aware of that other users have encountered. Because a number of factors including your computer, computer software, networking equipment, internet connection, our streaming platforms, networking equipment, internet connections and of course our own streaming equipment can all play a part in the potential problem, its important to try and use the F.A.Q below to find a solution to the issue as quickly as possible.

If for some reason, these previously addressed concerns are of no help, please use the form below to make us aware of any issue with the streaming or any on-demand video you might be struggling to watch. Please Note: While submissions for technical support are monitored, an immediate response may not always be possible during LIVE events. So again, please be sure you’ve tried all the possible solutions below to get back up and streaming right away. 

Frequently addressed concerns

This is likely a web browser issue. You might have a conflict with your browser trying to use the adobe flash player software to start the stream.

• Insure you don’t have any popups requesting permission to use flash, if so please allow it. Sometimes these warning can be hidden in the address bar of your browser. 
• See if you can stream from one of our other platforms like Facebook, Youtube or our Mobile Apps.

If you find that the stream works just fine on Facebook or Youtube, it’s most likely a problem with your browsers settings. If you can’t find the setting, consider trying another browser like Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. 

However, if you find that stream is working well on Facebook and Youtube, but isn’t working on both the website and your mobile app, please submit a ticket below so that we can investigate.

This could be a couple of things. Your computer is struggling to process the video stream, your internet connection is slow, or our upload speed is slow. Here are some things to try:

• First, restart your computer to refresh the processor.
• Next check your internet connection speed by clicking here, then click GO.
If your speed is below 5mbps, you’re likely to continue having problems. Checkout our YouTube stream to see if their optimized codecs provide you better luck.

If you see that your internet speed is well ABOVE 5mbps and the feed is working well on both our Facebook and Youtube platforms but the issue is the same on our Mobile Apps, Please submit a ticket, as this could be a connection issue on our end we’d like to address.

We’ve heard this one many times as Chrome is a very popular browser. However in their recent release of the software, they are disabling playback of flash based content without prompting you with the ability to enable it. You’ll need to dive into your browser settings to re-enable this. Also, make sure you’re not missing a permission request they like to hide in the address bar. If you see one, click on it and allow flash playback. 

However, if you’re struggling to figure it out, consider trying the Firefox or Safari browsers as they handle this a little more smoothly. 

If you can hear the audio from the stream, but you can’t see the video, this could be the issue of out-dated / malfunctioning software on your computer. Here are a few things you can try:

• Try restarting your computer to insure it is not an overloaded processor issue.
• Force quit your browser and reopen it. Insure you don’t have any pop-ups asking for permission to use the Flash Player (sometimes this can be hidden in the address bar). If you do, please allow it.
• Confirm the issue is also happening in another browsers like Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.

Lastly, check out our other streaming platforms via Youtube, Facebook or our Mobile Apps to see if they are also encountering the same issue. If they are not, it is likely a software issue on your computer. If they are, use the form below to let us know so that we can investigate.

This is likely a video processing issue on your device or computer. Here are a couple of things to try:

• First, try restarting your device or computer to refresh your processor.
• Try watching from another device.
• If still out of sync, check our other streaming platforms like Facebook or Youtube.

If all streaming feeds are still out of sync, please submit a ticket below so that we can investigate.

If you’ve confirmed this problem on more than one device, please submit a support ticket below as this is likely an issue on our end that we need to investigate.

Submit a support ticket

Ok, so you’ve checked and confirmed that you’re unable to address your issue using the frequently addressed concerns above, or you’re simply reporting an issue as instructed by one of the F.A.Q solutions above. Please provide as much detail as possible using the form below, an we’ll try to address the issue as soon as possible.